Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are You Quicker than Sheep?

I thought I'd start my quest to improve the mental health of the human race by pitting you against a recalcitrant gang of sleepy sheep. How quick are your reactions ? You gotta shoot 'em before they escape ! Beware - it's addictive - you have been warned!

Are We Here to Take Life From the Future, Or to Give Life to the Future?

Credit Thomas Panto, thank you for the wonderful picture and the thought evoking question.

W/End Music Thread - Faye Wong- Eyes on Me

A Poem for Guardians: by Janet Phelan

Buy low
Sell high
Get rich
You still die

Kill the old
Rob their breath
Stuff your pockets
With your Second Death

Kill the old
Kill their young
Kill the song
Before it's sung

Burn the fields
Poison the well
Stick your profits
In your bank in Hell

There's a snake in the garden
There's a snake in your bed
There's a snake in your mirror
There's a snake in your head

It's a beautiful planet
So rich and green
And the Angel of God
Is nowhere to be seen

It's here for the taking
And when the day is through
It's all about money
And it's all about you

Janet Phelan