Thursday, February 10, 2011

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The Heaviest Element Known to Science

The Heaviest Element Known to Science

Lawrence Livermore Laboratories has discovered the heaviest element yet known to science.

The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A tiny amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second, to take from 4 days to 4 years to complete.

Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2- 6 years. It does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places.

In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of morons promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass.

When catalysed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt?

Riot footage shows mysterious horse-like figure floating through crowd,the mysterious, pale green figure seen in televised news coverage of the Egyptian riots has prompted some viewers to ask, "Could this be the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?"

Read more: Video: Has Revelation's 'pale rider' shown up in Egypt?

The strange image can be seen beginning at the 1:19 mark of the following video:


Untold thousands of marine animals float dead in Amazon river & Florida
and everywhere in between:

Hosea 4:1 Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.

Hosea 4:2 There is only cursing, lying, murder, stealing, and adultery. They resort to violence and bloodshed.

Hosea 4:3 Therefore the land will mourn, and all its inhabitants will perish. The wild animals, the birds of the sky, and even the fish in the sea will perish.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gulf States Could Face Catastrophe of Untold Proportions

"Expect the Best but Prepare for the Worst"

Cleanup workers may be at risk from the health effects of exposure to toxins from crude oil which include benzene, a known carcinogen. >> VeteransToday.Com

How to protect your family from Benzene if you live near the Gulf Coast :
For more information, visit, or call CDC at
(English and Spanish) or 888-232-6348
BP discourages workers to use respirators :“In all three states that I’ve visited, fishermen said when they went out to work on the cleanup, that if they tried to bring respirators they were told it was unnecessary equipment and would only spread hysteria.”“When I went out with eleven people, we had respirators on and within half an hour, all of our eyes were burning and our throats were closing and we all had headaches” ~Kerry Kennedy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Radio Broadcast to be posted

Radio broadcast to be posted

Thank you once again to Janet Phelan for the invitation to participate in this week’s One If by Land broadcast. Ray Fernandez of joined us for the third hour and throughout the show, numerous callers shared their experiences and perspective.
We appreciate Janet getting yesterday’s files to us so promptly, but technical problems on our end have delayed their posting and will likely suspend other new content for the upcoming days. We’ll let you know when the broadcast is up on the Eod Multimedia page.

Letters to Editor : So Far Away

So Far Away

I have drifted so far away from the normal proceduresof growing old......... or young! I have seen things thatI cannot forgive....... things that I will take to my grave!

I don`t remember the America that our parents sacrificedand paid a very dear price to give to us. It is long gone!Completely meaningless! So far away! So far away! Butnot that long, ago! What happened? How did things getso far away?

If my Father could see how my Mom died and what happenedto the rest of his family because of a forced guardianship,he would puke in his grave! And so would you! The lifeand money they stole! I just wish I could be as strong as he was. "No, they didn`t beat me, Dad, they beat us all!"

And it continues, today! Everyday of the week an elderlyperson is forced into a guardianship for their "protection!"But here is the bottom line,........ only if they have some money!And you know the rest of the story! Trusts, inheritances, willsare dissolved. Everything this person owns is liquidated! Andas the courts will tell you, it is done to "care" for this elderly person! But that is not, even, close to being true! It is done to make iteasier for the lawyers, guardians, courts, county agencies, etc.,to rip off entire estates from the elderly and it has been going onfor many years in this country! It has to stop!

This country makes me sick to my stomach!



I am sorry that you feel this way, better get used to it. We have now become "A Nation of Thieves" What you just have described happened to me and to so many others that I can no longer keep up with them all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Radio Show, Join Us this Saturday 4-7 ET with Janet Phelan

One If by Land with Janet Phelan

This Saturday, Lou Ann Anderson will guest on 'One If By Land,' airing from 3-6 p.m. CT or 4-7 PM E.T. on libertynewsradio. com.
Ray Fernandez (elderabusehelp. org) will be joining us in the third hour.

Any and all with guardianship and/or estate misappropriation concerns are invited to call in: 866 986-6397.

Listen Live here=>>

The Liberal-Progressive Two-step

The music is starting
grab your partner

and dance
as if your life
depended on it

Do si do
to 911
but do so very carefully
dance around
the Reichstag Fires similarity
(you'd be much safer with
"The New Pearl Harbor")
dance around police abuse
impending financial armageddon
genetically modified and deadly foods
the perfectly obvious reason
for micro-chipping the U.S. population

and do not approach
impending genocide
do not approach
massive imminent domestic carnage
or this dance
will prove your last

Swing your partner
round and round
but sidestep
death squads
and don't even mention
the water!

If your partner
is a mole
if your partner
is a plant
smile sweetly
and move on down the line

Dance to anti-war
protest marches
dance to letter writing campaigns
dance to Yes We Can!
and to the crescendoing chorus of "Il Castrato"

Dance to no WMD?
Must be the oil!
Dance to Iraq/
But do not dance
to the dirge of America

Ignore the disappeared
Ignore the quote unquote suicides
Ignore the quote unquote accidents

Is your neighbour screaming
shut the windows

Dance around the truth
as if it were on fire

'cause you want to dance
the next round

Don't you?

Janet C. Phelan

- e-mail::

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Noahs Ark: Everything You Need to Know

Noah's Ark Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah's Ark .

ONE: Don't miss the boat.

TWO: Remember that we are all in the same boat

THREE: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark .

FOUR: Stay fit. When you're 60 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

FIVE: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

SIX: Build your future on high ground.

SEVEN: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

EIGHT: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

NINE: When you're stressed, float awhile.

TEN: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

ELEVEN: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

If Suddenly You Forget Me

If suddenly
you forget me
do not look for me,
for I shall already have forgotten you.
If you think it long and mad,
the wind of banners
that passes through my life,
and you decide
to leave me at the shore
of the heart where I have roots,
remember that on that day,
at that hour, I shall lift my arms
and my roots will set off
to seek another land.
- Pablo Neruda

Monday, October 13, 2008

"The Second Coming"

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of "Spiritus Mundi"
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

-- William Butler Yeats, "The Second Coming"

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anonymous Poem from Elderly Woman

What Do You See? What do you see, nurses, what do you see,
what are you thinking when you're looking at me?

A crabby old woman, not very wise, uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes.
Who dribbles her food and makes no reply when you say in a loud voice, "I do wish you'd try?"

Who seems not to notice the things that you do, and forever is losing a stocking or shoe.

Who, resisting or not, lets you do as you will with bathing and feeding, the long day to fill.
Is that what you're thinking? Is that what you see?

Then open your eyes, nurse; you're not looking at me.
I'll tell you who I am as I sit here so still, as I use at your bidding, as I eat at your will.

I'm a small child of ten with a father and mother, brothers and sisters, who love one another.
A young girl of sixteen, with wings on her feet, dreaming that soon now a lover she'll meet.

A bride soon at twenty-my heart gives a leap, remembering the vows that I promised to keep.
At twenty-five now, I have young of my own who need me to guide and a secure happy home.

A woman of thirty, my young now grown fast, bound to each other with ties that should last.

At forty my young sons have grown and are gone, but my man's beside me to see I don't mourn.

At fifty once more babies play round my knee, again we know children, my loved one and me.

Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead;
I look at the future, I shudder with dread.....
For my young are all rearing young of their own,
and I think of the years and the love that I've known.

I'm now an old woman and nature is cruel;
'tis jest to make old age look like a fool.

The body, it crumbles, grace and vigour depart,
there is now a stone where I once had a heart.

But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells,
and now and again my battered heart swells.

I remember the joys, I remember the pain,
and I'm loving and living life over again.

I think of the years; all too few, gone too fast,
and accept the stark fact that nothing can last.

So open your eyes, nurses, open and see,
not a crabby old woman; look closer - see ME!!


This anonymous poem has been attributed to several sources. It is generally described as having been found among the possessions of an older woman who died in a geriatric ward of a hospital.