Friday, April 10, 2009

The Liberal-Progressive Two-step

The music is starting
grab your partner

and dance
as if your life
depended on it

Do si do
to 911
but do so very carefully
dance around
the Reichstag Fires similarity
(you'd be much safer with
"The New Pearl Harbor")
dance around police abuse
impending financial armageddon
genetically modified and deadly foods
the perfectly obvious reason
for micro-chipping the U.S. population

and do not approach
impending genocide
do not approach
massive imminent domestic carnage
or this dance
will prove your last

Swing your partner
round and round
but sidestep
death squads
and don't even mention
the water!

If your partner
is a mole
if your partner
is a plant
smile sweetly
and move on down the line

Dance to anti-war
protest marches
dance to letter writing campaigns
dance to Yes We Can!
and to the crescendoing chorus of "Il Castrato"

Dance to no WMD?
Must be the oil!
Dance to Iraq/
But do not dance
to the dirge of America

Ignore the disappeared
Ignore the quote unquote suicides
Ignore the quote unquote accidents

Is your neighbour screaming
shut the windows

Dance around the truth
as if it were on fire

'cause you want to dance
the next round

Don't you?

Janet C. Phelan

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