Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Depression Takes Away- Poetry-

What Depression Takes Away

Bright eyes, Smiling face, Where have they gone?
It left no trace.
Uninhabited holes, A smile never true,
You wouldn't believe it,
Unless it were you.

Every day is a struggle. Each new breath is more painful than the last.
Your body, every single muscle, bone, tissue and vessel aches for freedom. Freedom from this nightmare.

Pain comes with every movement. Just forcing yourself up from your never restful slumber hurts your being, your very existence.

Words seem like never ending stories.

Each word has to be painfully processed, through the worn down passages of your mind.

When is finally reaches the end, you have somehow passed by all the other words.

Leaving you with a fragment of the story - never to be re-told.

by : A Lily Or A Rose?

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