Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom !

..............Happy Birthday, Mom

You just turned 88 years old. I went to your grave, today,but you weren`t there! In a strange way, I guess, my emailing of friends about you is, really, all I have! And, of all people,you know that I was never a Mama`s boy!

Mom, you always told me to "never cry!" Or, you said, "if you must cry, well...... don`t let them see you!"

Mom, for three and a half years I watched you cry! It is amemory, from which, I will never escape!

Mom, I have made some good friends in my crusade for your justice! And I have, also, made some enemies!

But Mom, the good friends outnumber the enemies ten to one!

Happy Birthday, Mom! You just go to sleep next to Dad now, OK?I will be there, I promise! And I will never stop telling people what an abortion of justice did to you, my Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Dear Willy;
Thank you for sharing with us such an intimate special moment;

I want you to know that Kay Roberts lives , she lives through you, every breath you take William Roberts ;

Kay is with you, and and with everyone of us through your many friends all through out this once great "Land of the Free" from sea to shining sea, from Washington D.C. to Key West, the love that Kay Roberts shared will live forever in our hearts, and if Kay Roberts has a message for you Willy is only to tell you how proud she is of you.

From the time that she joined the army and served on Gen.Eisenhower's staff before the Normandy invasion to the time she was railroaded by the system that was supposed to protect her, what a honor it is for you to carry this fight forward and bear the Roberts name.

Kay Roberts you are a Real American Hero! Thank you for leaving us the legacy of freedom and thank you for leaving a piece of you behind.

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