Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a Long Strange Trip it`s Been

"Knocked down! It gets to wearing thin!" I guess I never really understood Garcia`s words back then. Yea, I was young, dumb and "God bless America!"

But I didn`t leave America, America left me! I guess, at times, I would brag that I fought for this country. And no one ever said "thanks." No one! Do you know what it is like to come home from a war and have people treat you like you did something wrong? Like you just got out of prison?

In the Nam for less than a week and I realized that everyone lied to us! Nixon, the Joint Chiefs, Hague, Westmoreland...... OK, I buried that! Gone, except in my memories! (God, I hope I develop Alzheimer`s)

But, man, Mom! Mom! What is this Guardianship Crap Like Viet Nam...... is a lie! A frigging lie! But this lie didn`t destroy foreign villages, women and children! This lie destroyed my Mother and what was left of my family! I forgave for Viet Nam but I will never forgive this! Ever!

The North Vietnamese never stole from me. They never raped my mother! They never made her cry! They never did anything to my family........ but the American government did all of the above!


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