Friday, March 7, 2008

Polygamy and Elder Abuse-Warning Signs-

By Ray Fernandez

Western Culture Encourages Polygamy by Paying Welfare Benefits for Separate Wives By TOM GODFREY

and how Muslim men in polygamous marriages -- some with a harem of wives -- are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses.

A lot of our most vocal liberal media and spokepersons think that it is great that the United States in the name of multiculturalism is embracing and protecting the practice of other cultures while the Elder Abuse Protection Laws Languish in Congress and Elder Abuse reaches Epidemic Proportions.

A Muslim man is permitted to have up to four spouses.The average recipient with a child can receive about $1,500 monthly, city officials said.

"This is a law and there's nothing wrong with it.""Canada is a very liberal-minded country," Ali said. "Canada is way ahead of Britain in this respect."He said Britain recently began permitting husbands to collect benefits for each of their wives and we wondered ? The Unites States is a very liberal country what is happening here? We wondered and did a little research.

Myra Morton approached her sleeping husband on the morning of August 5, 2007, with pain in her heart and a gun in her hand. Once the smoke had cleared at the couple’s upscale home just outside Philadelphia, a man would lie dead, a family secret would be exposed, and a spotlight would shine on the emergent phenomenon of Islamic polygamy in the Western world.

Just like the government looks the other way with Elder Abuse Cases, Cases like Dr. Vernon Sinn, Dr. Robert Sarhan, Dr. A.J. Fernandez or his wife Clara G. Fernandez and too many to mention all here , as recent evidence indicates that the people in charge tend to look the other way as the conjugal mores of seventh-century Arabia — and the problems that travel with them — take root in our backyards as well.

The prevalence of polygamy among Muslims living in the West remains a matter of debate. Here is a sampling of what has been reported: As many as thirty thousand Muslim families in France include more than one wife. There are fifteen thousand in Italy and several thousand in Great Britain. Estimates for the United States typically run into the tens of thousands. Even Australia has been forced to crack down on Muslim men looking to meet potential second wives via the internet.

Individual cases often come to light unexpectedly through high-impact media events such as the Morton saga. Another example is the tragic Bronx house fire that killed ten people on March 7, 2007. Moussa Magassa, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Mali who lost five of his children in the blaze, was discovered to have two wives living a floor apart. A subsequent investigation by the New York Times found polygamy to be an open secret in his immigrant community, with agencies that serve it adhering to a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Concern about Islamic polygamy has naturally been dismissed in some quarters as cultural imperialism. Duke University professor Miriam Cooke argues that “polygamy can be liberating and empowering.” As Kay Hymowitz explains in City Journal.

Many find the introduction of polygamy to be a liberating step forward in the civil rights movement parallelled only and a natural progression to the legalization of same sex marriages in many states.

The mixed message sent by government bureaucrats regarding this practice in indicative of multicultural nonchalance.

The push to normalize polygamy along with the victimization of elders and the removal of their civil rights when they become incapacitated under the guise of "protection" is another step closer toward the long slippery slope that we are so blissfully steaming head on with wanton disregard.

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