Friday, March 7, 2008

This Is Bloody War!


Twice, she sneaked into the kitchen in the middle of the night and moved all of his food and utensils to another room.

He locked her out of the house when she left to walk her precious young Maltese, Mandy.

She draped sheets over furniture, piled boxes at his bedroom door and, in a handwritten note, declared the living room a storage area not to be used.

He aimed a floodlight at her bedroom door.

She insisted they divide the house in boundaries reminiscent of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

He drilled screws to seal 13 of her kitchen cabinets and drawers.

She called the police to claim he’d shaken his fists in her face and threatened to kill her.

He hid the key to a storage unit containing her furniture.

She hired a locksmith to open the security lock he’d installed on his bedroom door.

He followed her around the house with a tape recorder and a camera.

She yanked on his T-shirt.

He placed light bulbs underneath sofa pillows.

This wasn’t a young couple’s spat. It happened, in fact, at Leisure World in retirement-rich Laguna Woods. For two platonic friends—Rubalee Bookout, 80, and Ove Nielsen, 72—this domestic hell, as colorfully recorded in court documents and testimony.

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