Friday, March 7, 2008

The Price of Abusing an Elder; "Not even some Lawyers are Immune!"

Judge to Lawyer: "Get a Shovel, Get Job"!

AUBURN, Maine — A former lawyer convicted of stealing from clients has been told by a judge to get a job, even if it means shoveling snow off roofs.

John Frankenfield appeared before a judge in Auburn after being accused of violating a condition of probation.
The judge told him to report back next month with a plan for paying back $219,000 in court-ordered restitution.
So far, Frankenfield has paid back just $50.

Justice Thomas Delahanty II took Frankenfield to task Wednesday.
Delahanty told him to get a job and noted "there are a lot of roofs out there to be shoveled."!

Frankenfield served about two years in prison after being convicted of skimming assets from his grandfather's estate.
He also pleaded guilty to stealing $55,000 from clients.

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AJ said...

Sadly, here where I live I have discovered a trail of decent and corruption within the court system and the Aging Dept which claim's to protect the eldery "wards" as they like to call them.
Once an court appointed guardian establishes themselves within the court system, the judges do not wish to hear complaints and give the gaurdians who abuse the rubber stamp go ahead.
Courts and protective agencies never want to admit they were wrong or had mis judgement in their decision making so they ignore the complaints and continue to allow injustice and abuse to take place. Attorney's here are often involved in the decent. The unholy alliance prevails and the abused and neglected "ward" has no voice in any aspect of their life.
They are literally left there, awaiting death while their entire life is being stripped from them. The criminals committing these crimes need to be jailed for life. I do not understand nor do I comprehend how we have allowed this abuse and neglect to take place in our society. It continue's to amaze me each and everyday tha I awake.
We are in the middle of starting a supoort group and guardian watch group here and we hope that we can and will make a difference.
We have made it our lifetime goal to put a stop to the abuse and neglect of the elderly by guardians, attorneys, organizations and the court system. This is a tuff cookie to crumble but we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get this STOPPED and to get someone to listen.
Again, we are so greatful for your blog. It helps to maintain our hope and faith as well as give us the strength and courage we need to continue to fight this battle.
AJ(Citizen Advocate for the Eldery)